1    We don't know how to code,

       but we can create a Robot, a Smart-Farm,

       that works the way I imagined it.

2    A programming platform based on block coding.

3    You don't know how to code, but you can code because of 

       the intuition of blockoli. Instead of complex and difficult  

       text coding (C, C++), you can create a smart city or robot 

       as you place and decorate it by dragging and dropping the 

       code you want to use into blocks.

Systems with

minimal process

Arduino is an electronic board that anyone can make an easy-to-move

'robot' by hand. However, users need some coding knowledge to use

Arduino. Blockoli can control Arduino without knowing the coding language C++.

A big advantage of Blockoli is that it does not require a separate program

to be installed. In order to use one sensor, Arduino needs to install multiple

files. Broccoli helps reduce unnecessary or repetitive settings as much as

possible in a single installation, enabling users to produce results without

having to pay attention to details.


Move to 'drag and drop' and add the blocks you need wherever you want.

Anyone can become a creator or developer by simplifying the complex coding process.

Switch from drag-and-drop to

actual programming language

in real time.

Every time I complete a code with drag and drop, Blockoli is that it lets you transition from drag and drop to a real programming language in a real time.

Blockoli Coding adapts to your skills and allows you to grow at your own pace

from drag and drop to software developer providing a seamless transition for learners.

Connectivity with

various sensors

Arduino must install separate files directly to use the sensor.

However, Blockoli does not need to install files to use sensors and automatically

updates whenever additional features are required.

It supports 11 types of input modules and 8 types of output modules to be used reely as blocks.
A total of 19 sensors can be used by completing block coding.

Blockoli is run by BPLab Coding Education, a social enterprise,

and is free of charge you can use it.

Notes Before Installation

1. Automatic updates are only possible if you have an Internet connection.

2. Mas OS is not supported.

Available for bulk purchase