{  BPLAB is  }

a specialized software education company that organizes educational events such as coding education

and seminars for a wide range of ages from toddlers to adults.

Additionally, we are dedicated to fostering educators through training programs designed to prepare them for coding education within formal curriculum.

{  WHY BPLAB?  }

Education to train future leaders
BPLAB is a SW specialized education company that combines coding education and creative convergence education.


  • BPLAB STEAM Training Activities
  • Block coding instrument kit released

  • Hosting a programming seminar for college students
  • Operate Korea's largest ICT Asia Contest (MAKER-TON)

  • Civil Service Technology Education Officer
  • Education that fosters human resources who will create the future of the world

  • Programming class training
  • The Minister of Science and ICT won the award

  • A Block Coding Program Using C/C++ Launched
  • Block Code Kit for Elementary School Students Launched

  • 2023 Participation in the Kansai Education ICT Fair in Japan
  • 2023 Dubai, UAE GESS Education Equipment Exhibition
  • Singapore Sands Expo Convention Center Edu-Tech ASIA 2023 Participation




We design educational curricula based on global software trends, allowing learners to gain insights into the future by staying one step ahead. Our planning process involves staying attuned to the rapidly evolving landscape of software and using this knowledge to shape our educational offerings.


We ensure that learners become deeply engaged in software education and participation activities. The organization of events and competitions is guided by input from our members, including the intended purpose, target audience, and goals. This collaborative approach helps us create detailed operational plans that resonate with our community.


Prioritizing learner safety, we produce educational products with consistent quality. Our rigorous checks ensure that there are no sharp edges or potential hazards, and we thoroughly assess each product before release.


Our courses cover foundational and advanced programming concepts that can be applied in real-life scenarios. By narrowing the gap between individuals and software, we ignite a desire for further learning and enrichment.

Research and Development

With a focus on learner immersion, we design products and educational journeys. We factor in appropriate learning durations, break down elements of engagement, and develop supplementary content like textbooks and videos.


We adhere to promised timelines and quality standards, ensuring delivery as agreed upon. Additionally, through procurement registration and smart store management, we enhance the convenience of the purchasing and delivery processes.


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