Participate in the 2021 Next Content Fair BPLAB

Hello, we are BPLAB!

BPLAB recently participated in the '2021 Next Content Fair' hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency

The Next Content Fair is an event where you can meet local content representing Korea in one place. Under the theme of "Content, Connecting Korea," more than 150 companies specializing in regional content production participated in the event with 16 regional base organizations nationwide.

Among them, our BPLAB operated a booth as a representative company in Daegu with the Daegu Content Agency.

BPLAB develops educational content based on the curriculum in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including physical coding kits using MCU boards, SW and AI education textbooks, and vocational experience board games, and organizes education and seminars for schools and educational institutions such as elementary, middle, and high schools.

Then, I'll show you the event site!

This booth is filled with kits developed by BPLAB

From a kit to experience electronic instruments, an alligator roulette kit implemented in an actual alligator roulette game, and a hacker board game where you can experience jobs as a "hacker" and "security officer."

You can enjoy and experience coding like a game, free from the stereotype that it is difficult only for developers.

Also, it's not just on-screen coding, but it's a kit that makes it work by coding a kit made by my own hand, so it's very satisfying!

Also, The Hacker Board Game is a company-developed board game that is first shown to ordinary buyers

The hacker and the security officer are divided into two teams, and if you complete each team's development picture first, you can learn technical terms related to each job with a winning game, and you can also act as role-playing to interfere with and defend your opponent's coding

It's a game where you can have both job experience and coding education at the same time!

It's a unique board game with a unique concept, so it's the most popular parish in the field!

Booth officials and individual visitors who participated in the site experienced the kit.

You really experienced the crocodile roulette kit with tension like a game

But our kit was made safe and not painful at all through several self-simulations!

Also, you were very interested in being able to play electronic instrument kits like real instruments.

Along with the performance, we also played a mole game with an electronic drum as another content.

There were some people who wanted to win because the game was more difficult than they thought. πŸ˜‰

The board game received a lot of attention from many people, but it was a pity that I couldn't do it in person because there was not much space to demonstrate in person.

There was an elementary school student who was amazed that the moving block of the horse board looked like the coding block we saw in the entry

As it is a content event, characters representing various regions also participated in our BP Lab booth.

Isn't it the beauty of the Next Content Fair that you can enjoy the event together from corporate officials to ordinary people and characters?

Thanks to many people's interest, the three-day event was able to end safely!

In the future, we will continue to strive to contribute to the development of the local content industry by developing more and more quality content.

Then I'll see you next time with good news!

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