Laser Tape Measure Kit 

Laser Tape Measure Kit Starting with Blockoli Coding

Target : Age8
Programming language : Blockcoding(Blockoli Coding) 
Subject Area : Software education, Practical education, science
Educational experience content  : Find out the characteristics of infrared rays, and look for cases where infrared rays are used around us


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  • This assembly kit is intended for users aged 14 and above to practice assembly, disassembly, and coding. The assembled product has not undergone electromagnetic compatibility assessment.

Laser Tape Measure Kit Data Download

Code Download
Laser Tape Measure Kit Code Download
Teaching Materials Download
Laser Tape Measure Kit Teaching Materials Download
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Laser Tape Measure Kit Lesson Plan Download

Educational field

 The actual educational setting where lessons are conducted using a Rotating Roulette Kit. 

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